In Loving Memory of Being Touched V2.0

  • In Loving Memory of Being Touched V2.0

In Loving Memory of Being Touched is a series of touch simulation pieces written for direct electrical nerve stimulation - the closest thing to touch available in quarantine during The 2020 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. Using components removed from a hospital communications system, the parts have been repurposed and assembled into handmade devices that simulate the sensation of touch using electrical pulses. The pieces are composed on an electronic keyboard to mimic the consonance and dissonance of musical passages to create a sort of song to be felt physically. In collaboration with web developer Daniel Van Der Meer, a web platform based on webMIDI is in development to allow users to create their own touch sequences, either with a MIDI enable electronic keyboard instrument or through the browser with a web based sequencer. Users can send their touch sequences to loved ones during quarantine or use the platform to create their own pieces to be shared publicly.

Includes one touch simulation unit, one pair of pads, one pad cable, one set of instructions. USB cable and 9V battery not included.

Each unit is handmade so build time varies depending on number of orders. Currently projected to begin shipping May 12th, 2020.

Warning: These units can be hazardous if used improperly. Please follow the instructions included with your unit closely. You can also download the instructions at